Quit Buying Over Priced Dog Treats that are Riddled with Toxic Chemicals

Learn How To Make Healthy Homemade Dog Treats That Could Extend Your Dog’s Life By 3, 5, or even 10 years!

    • Do you want to extend your dog’s life?
    • Are you worried about feeding your dog dangerous chemicals?
    • Do you want to know how to make your own homemade dog treats?

Dear Dog Lover,

If you love your dog as much as I love mine then this could be the most important page you’ve ever read! By the time you have reached the end of this page you will be on the road to extending your beloved dog’s life.

If you really love your dog, you will STOP feeding him dangerous chemicals and start making you own homemade dog treats, made with real ingredients.

I will prove to you why you should make your own dog treats. What is really in those brightly coloured ‘convenient’ dogdog bowl
treats? What you think is an easy option, is actually killing your dog. I will show you how to make quick and easy homemade dog treats that will literally add years to your dog’s life.

If you don’t continue to read you are putting your dog’s life at risk.





ACRYLAMIDE – This is a carcinogenic compound formed at cooking temperatures of about 250°F in foods containing certain sugars and the amino acid asparagine (found in large amounts in potatoes and cereal grains). Most dry pet foods contain cereal grains or potatoes, and they are processed at high temperatures.


BACTERIA – Slaughtered animals, those that have died because of disease, injury, or natural causes, are sources of meat, by-products, and rendered meals. An animal that died on the farm might not reach a rendering plant until days after its death. Therefore the carcass is often contaminated with bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli.


CHEMICAL RESIDUES – Pesticides and fertilizers may leave residue on plant products. Grains that are condemned for human consumption due to residue may legally be used, without limitation, in pet food.



GMO’S – Genetically modified plant products are also of concern. Cottonseed meal is a common ingredient of cattle feed; soy and corn are used directly in many pet foods.



MYCOTOXINS – Toxins from mould or fungi. Modern farming practices, adverse weather conditions, and improper drying and storage of crops can contribute to mold growth. Pet food ingredients that are most likely to be contaminated with mycotoxins are grains such as  wheat and corn, and fish meal.



Old sad dog
CHRONIC DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS – Chronic vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and inflammatory bowel disease are among the most frequent illnesses treated. These are often the result of an allergy or intolerance to pet food ingredients.

dog teeth
DENTAL DISEASE - Contrary to the myth propagated by pet food companies, dry food is not good for teeth.8 Given that the vast majority of pets eat dry food, yet the most common health problem in pets is dental disease, this should be obvious. Humans do not floss with crackers, and dry food does not clean the teeth.

Vet Checkup

HEART DISEASE – An often-fatal heart disease in dogs is now known to be caused by a deficiency of the amino acid taurine. Blindness is another symptom of taurine deficiency.  Supplementing taurine may also be helpful for dogs, but as yet few manufacturers are adding extra taurine to dog food.

thirsty dog

KIDNEY DISEASE – Chronic dehydration associated with dry diets may also be a contributing factor in the development of kidney disease and chronic renal failure in cats and dogs.



fat dog

OBESITY – One of the most common health problems in pets, obesity, may also be related to high-carb, high-calorie dry foods. Overweight dogs are more prone to arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes.



Find out which dog food companies are the BIG players and what food to avoid giving your dog!

If you love and care about your dog then you will want to make your own homemade dog treats because you will be:

    • Protecting your dog from a number of diseases
    • Stop giving your dog dangerous chemicals
    • Extending your dogs life
    • Feeding your dog good, healthy, real food

Initially I was encouraged by the dozens of web sites offering recipes for homemade dog treats, but then I discovered that these recipes were not up to scratch.

All these reason are why I decided I wanted to make my own homemade dog treats. I searched the internet for hours and hour and I’ll be honest, I did download some recipes. I was genuinely really excited at the prospect of finally knowing how to make my own homemade dog treats.

sardine snacks


In fact, my search for recipes on the internet was a DISASTER

I will never forget how hard my husband laughed the first time I made a dog treat and our Labrador refused to eat it. Or the time when our other Labrador, took the food (which I admit, turned out as a rubbery dough) and dropped it at my feet as if it was a toy! That’s when I knew I had to do something myself!

I decided that I, like many other dog owners, wanted quick, easy, tasty and healthy recipes for my dogs. The only way I was going to find them, was to make them myself!




I tried lots of different recipes and my dogs loved some and hated others! Everyone knows that Labradors never refuse food – so they were perfects ‘testers’

Eventually, I came up with recipes that I believe are perfect for your best friend and now I have compiled a book that contains the perfect dog treats that you too can make – you too will be able to learn how to make your own homemade dog treats.


I’ve filled over 80 pages with the exact information you need to know how to make you own homemade dog treats! You’ll never have to feed your dog toxic treats again!


    • Eliminate the need to buy commercial dog treats
    • Finally succeed in caring for you dog by understanding what ingredients your dog needs and when to use them
    • Easily avoid the potentially damaging effects of toxic chemicals in dog treats and food
    • Heighten the health of your dog with these quick and easy steps
    • Discover the thrill of creating your own dog treats that can save you money from day one!



If you were to subscribe to all the dog recipe websites as I have and read all the recipe books I have, you could easily spend over $400.

Depending on the value you place on your time…your desire to learn what I have learned could be closer to $600 dog with piggy bank

That is why these easy, quick and tasty recipes I have carefully laid out in a step by step eBook will save you money straight away.




Recipes book small

“How to Make Your Own Dog Treats”

would be a huge bargain at $50 or even $80…just a fraction of the costs I’ve incurred.

But I’m offering you the knowledge and time wrapped up in this eBook for an unbelievable price of just $17 . That is less than a dollar for 18 days to start making good treats for your dog and no longer be a victim of over priced toxic ridden dog food.

…there’s even more



  • Dog dinners, including stews, goulash, meatballs, quiche and more
  • Remedy recipes including de-gas crunchies, fresh breath crunchies, Stop chew solution and even how to make your own dog cologne
  • Supplements, including dog oil supplement and dog powder mix

and more…

“Three additional Super Bonuses valued at $41 are yours FREE,
 just for trying these recipes!” 

Just to sweeten the pot even more, I’ve ALSO decided to include THREE very powerful FREE super bonuses that will give you a good jump start towards making your own dog treats and food and having a healthier dog that will live longer.

SUPER BONUS #1 ($15)

“Healthy Dog Diet Secrets”

Diet secrets book small

Did you know that the secret to a healthy dog is NOT just the ability to feed your dog good food – it’s the ability to make sense of pet food, diet, nutrition and healthy habits and routines. This eBook contains everything you need to know about how to improve the life quality of your dog.

This eBook will show you how to take control of the well-being of your dog. It makes it exceptionally easy for you to combine diet, play and exercise to ensure your dog has a longer, healthier life straight away.


SUPER BONUS #2 ($14) “Dog Health Secrets Exposed - Everything you need to know about your dog’s health”

Health exposed FIVERR cover

This bonus is an invaluable source of information – giving solutions to unresolved problems. Your dog deserves the best care, the best food and the correct answers to the many issues that can arise with regards to health.

From what ingredients and supplements to how much food you should give your dog. From when your dog is a puppy, the food you give him and the care you take of him, will determine how healthy he is and how long he lives.

If you want your best friend to be around for as long as possible, then this book will answer the many questions you will have throughout your beloved dogs life.


SUPER BONUS #3 ($12)

“How to Extend Your Dog’s Life – with homemade treats and proper nutrition” 

Extend dogs life FIVERR COVERx

You owe it to your pet to make sure he or she is being fed the best food possible.   You are their voice and you are the one to make the decisions.  So make a decision to start taking a better interest in your dogs food. Start making your own dog treats and enjoy a longer life with your dog.

Proper nutrition is vital for your dog to live a long and healthy life. This book will tell you everything you need to know to extend your dogs life.

If you want to have many years with your dog and make him as comfortable and happy as he can be then you need to know what food is good for him – this book will tell you exactly that.



You literally have nothing to lose when you try these recipes. If you’re still not convinced that this is the recipe book that you will use to feed your dog, let me put you completely at ease. If you take this first step and claim your copy of  ”How to Make Your Own Dog Treats” but still struggle to make your own dog treats, just let me know.

I will instantly send you an immediate refund…even if it’s a year from today (or even longer!) I will even let you keep the $41 worth of bonuses as my thanks for giving these recipes a try…

It’s that simple.



“Start Saving Money and Helping Your Dog Live Longer
in the next five minutes…”

 The choice it yours. You either want to feed your dog good food or you don’t. If you don’t, good luck with whatever you choose to do.

But if you’re serious about wanting to make your own dog treats and food, then you really only have one choice. Whip out your wallet and invest the $17. You’ve literally nothing to lose.

But remember…

…the longer you wait, the longer your dog is eating food riddled with toxic chemicals.

So, let’s get started.

Remember if you’re not thrilled by these recipes, just let me know within the next year, pay nothing, and keep the $17Super Bonus Package  – that’s a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide.

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You’ll receive instructions for downloading your eBook directly into your email inbox in the next five minutes.

Yours sincerely,